Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Introducing Smiling Cat Pendants!

I've been quiet on the blog for months, but I have been working on getting my badly drifting Etsy shop in order. With the help of Create & Thrive's SHIFT class, I've culled many of the items to bring some cohesivity to my shop and found a focus on, what else, smiling cats!

Rather than focusing on linocuts as I had been, I decided to focus on the cats so that I can use other mediums. I'll still be working on linocuts and creating cards from them, but using the smiling cat focus, I'll be able to paint, draw, collage, embroider, create illustrations with my computer, and anything else I like without feeling like my shop is a hodgepodge of my medium of the week. It's freeing! I'm looking forward to it!

One of the items that had been in the works for a while was pendants of smiling cat faces. These pendants feature scanned version of my linocut cats. A little piece of contentment for you or your favorite cat lover! These wearable cats are available now in my Smiling Cat Studio shop on Etsy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

15 Minutes of Fame for My Etch-A-Sketch

In addition to my Smiling Cat Studio shop, I also have a Smiling Cat Vintage shop on Etsy where I'm ridding myself of the detritus of my childhood. Those boxes of stuff my dad had in his attic? Most all of it is fair game. That and other family and in-law items make up most of my shop so that I've purchased very little and still have quite a bit of variety.

I pin items on my Smiling Cat Vintage Pinterest board when I post them. There are a few items that get a lot of interest there and it does bring many people to my Etsy shop. Though I sold it months ago, the Etch-A-Sketch is by far the most popular with over 750 pins.

And now that very Etch-A-Sketch is starring in a music video! Well, maybe not starring, but it has a cameo in Best Not Broken's "I Won't Stop Loving You" video and as Director, Tanit Sakakini, says "is the catalyst for the dramatic, third-act 'fight scene!'" Check it out!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Still Collaging

Mati Rose McDonough's Daring Adventures in Collage class ended several weeks ago, but I find myself still collaging. This is good. I needed a creative push and the class was perfect. I can try out pieces of paper without committing to where I'm going to put them, then once I'm satisfied I can glue them down. Ink and paint seem more permanent to me, though I know they can also be fixed by rethinking a line or adding more paint. With collage, I can make fanciful scenes more easily than I can with my current drawing skills. I can make my crazy imagination visible or just throw pieces together to make something more abstract. Fun stuff!

This collage began with a red 2 that was on the ticket left in my car when I had it serviced last week. You'll also find bits of a tea box and a Kleenex box, a shopping bag, wrapping paper, tissue paper, netting from a bag of oranges, a bit from a Colonial Williamsburg brochure and a party hat, and some Zentangle elements. The piece in the upper left corner? When I have leftover paint, I brush and roll and dot it onto paper so I can use the result for other projects.