Monday, February 28, 2011

The Smiling Cat Blogs

Okay, full disclosure, the Smiling Cat might blog once in a while, but usually it will be me, the Smiling Cat's favorite peep.  In fact, since it's raining today, this is what the Smiling Cat is really doing:


I've long wanted to see if I could make any money, or even a living, from my creative talents.  Fortunately, the internet makes that easier for people like me to make others aware of my arts and crafts.  So, last fall, I decided on a name and created my Etsy shop, a Printfection shop, and the Smiling Cat Studio website to tie it all together.  Then I dove into Twitter and found all kinds of other tweeps with similar interests, hopes and dreams.  I started following some of the social media "gurus" (who have tweeted that they don't like being called gurus), who all insist that Facebook and a blog are necessary.

Now, I pride myself on being somewhat more computer savvy than some (I've got a degree in it for heaven's sake!), but Facebook just gives me the willies.  If I wanted to contact people from high school, I'd go to my reunions!  I don't want them stalking me and my every, innermost thought on-line.  But, the gurus said to do it, so kicking and screaming I added an artist Facebook page.  I'm a little short on friends.  Especially un-related friends.  But that's probably mostly my fault because I won't get a personal Facebook page.  And, well, frankly, I don't really have much exciting to say.

Now, blogging is another thing.  I've been asking myself for a while, "what in the world am I going to blog about?"  I have another blog, totally unrelated to Smiling Cat Studio that has a really clear focus, but for this?  Hmmm...  

I've decided to jump in anyway.  We'll see what  I come up with, but I suspect you'll see some of my work, other people's work that I really like, my adventures with social media, pictures of the Smiling Cat, and well, my journey to a more creative, fulfilling life.  

I hope you'll join me on the journey, comment when you're moved to do so, give me new things to think about, and share with others!