Monday, March 14, 2011

Showing a Treasury on Your Blog

I had wondered how people got entire Etsy Treasuries included in their blog posts.  I found the answer the other day via Handmadeology and am going to use it to show you the Beauty-Comfort-Sound Without Color treasury that includes my heart basket print:

'beauty-comfort-sound without color!' by randomorder

Enjoy! A thank you to some of my favorites ,and the team Tag't who have been so supportive of their own members, and by default, lots of comments for me when I featured one of their members, also a member of team epe with me. Love treasuries! dona.

Colorless Sunflower - 5...

Year of the rabbit - Fi...

Mystic Black Swirled Il...


Elephant Necklace on Sh...

Vanilla Satin 8 oz Rust...

SILENT MOVIE Victorian ...

Hakuin luxury shawl gra...

Time to Pause

Charcoal Earrings - Car...

Modern Woman Set

Flower tote bag purse b...

Heart Basket Linoleum B...

Vintage Saturn HP-203 S...

Black and White Flower ...

Vintage Black Metal Spi...

How did I do it?  Go to the Etsy Treasury HTML Code Generator and follow the directions.  It will generate a bunch of HTML code at the bottom of the page.  (Note that I'm using Blogger and a PC, so the rest of the directions are for those).
  1. Put your cursor in the box with the code and type "CTRL A" to select all and type "CTRL C" to copy. 
  2. Go to where you are composing your blog post and place your cursor in the spot where you want the treasury to be and click.
  3. Switch to "Edit HTML" mode on the top right of your composition screen and type "CTRL V" to paste. 
  4. Switch back to "Compose" mode and you should see the treasury, pictures and all!
  5. Make sure you use the "Preview" button before you publish your post.  I found I had to play with the number of columns and size a bit to get the treasury to look right on my blog.  Unfortunately, no matter which size I used, I couldn't get the traditional 4-across spacing to work due to my blog width. The spacing on your blog will differ.
  6. When it's ready, publish it!
  7. Voila!  Cool, huh!

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