Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Signs of Spring (Part II)

It's a cold rainy day here today, but we had some warm sunny weather this weekend that is helping the flowers along.  I love watching them this time of year as the buds form then open.  My favorite are the daffodils with their sunny little heads bringing brightness to even the dreariest of days.  

The crocuses are always the first burst of color and last quite a while, but they hide their heads on stormy days like this one.

I'm keeping an eye on the bushes too.  The forsythia (called yeller bells 'round these parts) will be the first to bloom.  Lilacs will be next. 

I may make a bouquet when it dries out again, but I'll have to hide it from the Smiling Cat who prefers to eat all signs of Spring.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty! Your daffodils beat mine. Got some budded and they may bloom tomorrow or the day after. Our forsythia (they are called yeller bells here too)are blooming but not profusely like usual and my 1 crocus bloomed weeks ago. Redbud trees are budding and the dogwoods should be pretty this year.