Monday, March 28, 2011

Suburban Sameness

I have no photo for today. We visited suburbia this weekend. I'm still trying to shake the experience. The traffic. The sameness. The chain stores and restaurants. Anywhere USA. Why would I want to photograph that? 

And when did we become a country that thinks its better to import everything and support big non-local businesses? It's so much more satisfying to buy from a small local business where you know the owner and that your money is going back into your local economy. Even if it costs a little more. For those of you who can't find any small local businesses anymore, Etsy and some of the other on-line arts and crafts venues provide an equally noble purchasing experience where you can be pretty sure you are supporting a small local business somewhere even if it isn't in your home suburb. Try it. See how much better your shopping and dining experiences can be.   

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