Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Weekend Renovation Exercise Routine

How do I spend my weekends?  My husband and I recently bought a fixer-upper near our house that we are working on.  We're preservationists, so old houses intrigue us and we hate to see any that are unloved and in disrepair.  So, when we found just such a house only two blocks away that was an amazing deal, we jumped on it.  You can learn more about our projects at my other blog, T Squared's Four Square

But that's not what this posting is about.  It's about the amazing workout I'm getting as we remove plaster and walls to add insulation, wiring, plumbing, and change the floor layout of the house.  I think maybe I should patent it: 

Swing the 12lb sledge hammer.  Swing.  Swing.  Swing.  Pull on the plaster and wood lath strips.  Pull.  Pull.  Pull.  Swing. Swing. Swing.  Squat.  Hold it.  Pull.  Pull.  Pull.  Stand and reach over your head and swing.  Swing.  Swing.  With hands still over head, pull.  Pull.  Pull.  Okay, now, use your right hand to lift the 100lb trash can (with a partner holding the other side).  Now, walk it to the dumpster.  Walk.  Walk.  Walk.  Now lift it over the edge of the dumpster and dump.  Walk.  Walk.  Walk, back to the house.  Repeat for 4-5 hours or until exhausted. 

There are variations too.  Use the 20lb sledge hammer.  Or, fill the trash can with more plaster so that it is heavier.  Or, start working on the second floor to throw in some stairs in the "Walk. Walk. Walk." section.  Strength training, stretching, and cardio all in one workout!

I can see the DVD now with me in my hardhat, work boots, dust mask, and safety glasses.  I'm sure I'd get quite the following.  I see riches in my future! 

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  1. You make me tired just to read this (and snicker). Nobody better mess with you!
    But I'm glad you are enjoying yourself.
    Maybe you should go on HGTV.