Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Do You Do To Clear Your Mind?

I know one of the wonderful things about art and crafting is that it is relaxing.  When you are in the zone, hours can go by without notice as you work on your next masterpiece.

For total and complete mind clearing though, I play my clarinet.  I play with the local community band.  When we practice, I have to be totally present in mind and body.  I have to focus my eyes on reading the music, my brain on translating what I see to a finger position, my lungs on blowing the right amount of air, my mouth and tongue on creating the character of the note.  I have to pay attention.  Listen to the other people playing around me and match their pitch and timbre.  I can't be thinking about my day or how my linocut didn't turn out quite as I planned or what I have to do tomorrow.  I have to be there, in the band room.  Completely.

How do you clear your mind?

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