Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Bracelet - Completed!

I finished my needle beaded bracelet this morning and feel like a right angle weave expert!  I wasn't able to finish it in class on Friday like I'd hoped because the 2 embellishment colors I'd picked didn't go together. The beads looked like they matched in the tubes, but when I took them out, the blues clashed.  So, yesterday, I went back to visit Cherie at Wolf Creek Beads and Gallery to exchange the teal beads for something bluer.  And, since I realized I was going to have lots of leftover beads, I got some blue thread so I can make a blue bracelet with gold embellishments if I so decide.  Or maybe I'll need to go back to see Cherie and get a darker blue for embellishments.  Or maybe some red and green for Christmas ornaments.  Or...I can see this could explode and I better make some room for beading supplies!


  1. Oh, that's absolutely lovely! Sounds like you are going to become hooked on this new hobby ;)

  2. Thanks! I'm afraid I may get hooked. Unfortunately, the bead shop is within walking distance!