Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Creature of Habit

I've been in the process of switching 2 rooms around for some time.  We are rehabilitating our old house, and so rooms aren't complete and we are often shuffling furniture and boxes.  I've decided on the final room for my office/studio though and have moved my drawing table in and switched my computer to a desk that my great uncle made.  We're going to have to create some more storage to deal with my printers, scanners, and arts and crafts supplies, but that will come later.

Unfortunately, the Smiling Cat hasn't quite gotten the idea that I have moved.  The old desk is still in the old room and I keep finding her sitting in my seat or on my desk wondering where I am.  She walks through the room where I'm sitting, past the desk, and on out not realizing I'm even there.  Today, I moved a bench in for her, complete with padding, so she could easily get on the new desk if she wanted or lay comfortably next to me.  I showed it to her and she stayed for a while, but hasn't been back.  Maybe tomorrow she'll figure it out!

"The old desk had a better view..."

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