Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Amphibious!

Not really.  My husband jokingly uses the word amphibious to mean ambidextrous.  I mentioned yesterday that I needle bead and weave baskets backwards.  I can do it the more common right-handed way, but backwards (left-handed, maybe?) seems more logical to me.  It's handy at times - I can shovel, wield a sledge hammer, and sweep either way.  I have a theory about my amphibiousness.  My husband says I tie my shoes backwards.  We noticed at Christmas several years ago when the family was together that my mom ties them the same way.  She's a twin and we figured out that she must have learned to tie her shoes while facing my aunt, then taught me the way she learned.  They probably learned other skills the same way, accounting for her backwardness.  So I probably have a learned amphibiousness.

1 comment:

  1. LOL My backwardness, huh! Actually you are probably right. I can rake and sweep either way too but not shovel. I am at least somewhat "amphibious" too. So I guess you get it from me.