Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Arbor Day Trees

I tweeted the other day that a couple of the little trees we got from the Arbor Day Foundation were blooming this year for the first time and was asked to send a photo.  I thought I'd share the photos here too.  Now, bear in mind that these are little trees, so they've got little blooms and taking a photo of the whole tree didn't seem to do the big pretty flowers justice.  The redbud and crab apple trees are shown here.  We also have 2 dogwoods and 2 American hawthorns.

These trees may be only about a foot tall when they arrive, but they're pretty darn hardy.  I ordered our trees when we moved here about 8 years ago with great intentions, but we didn't really know where to put them when we got them and so they ended up sitting on the porch all winter in the box they came in.  In the spring, feeling particularly guilty, we put them outside in the dirt and "heeled them in" near the house, but not in their final destination.  Wanting to remember what the trees were, I put a tag around each of their trunks.

Fast forward another year.  We still hadn't planted the trees.  A couple of them had clearly died and one or two of them just up and keeled over.  Turns out I had girded the trunk with my good intentions of putting a tag around their trunks.  We finally broke down and planted the ones we had left that fall, I think.  Just 2 years after we ordered them.  We had 6 trees left of the 11 we'd received.  So we're not great as tree parents, but at least we lost less than 50% of our tree kids!

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  1. Very pretty. I'll send you a picture of our dogwoods. They were prettier than usual this year. Our redbud not so much.