Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Beautiful Drive

We live in the mountains of Southwest Virginia.  The mountains are always with us, everywhere you look.  They might be topped with snow, shrouded in clouds, hazy, crisp, touched with a wisp of fog, green, red, blue, purple...it just depends on the day.  The trip to and from work is beautiful and always different depending on the temperature, time of day, light, precipitation, season. 

The mountains are part of life here and we take them for granted.  There are beautiful views, but they are seldom photographed, just viewed from the car or house window.  I have views from the tops of the mountains to the main road, but no photographs from the road to the mountains.  Today seemed particularly pretty.  I'm not sure if it was the fact that spring has reached the tops of the mountains, the way the light was creating shadows in the valleys like a green leafy blanket covering the slopes, that it was clear enough to pick out the individual trees, the warm weather, or if it was just my mood.  A beautiful drive. 


  1. Yes, sometimes views can seem extra special. Colors and light can be just right. It's part of your "artistic eye". And mountain views especially. It's the same reason we love it here in western NC and traveling on the BRP.

  2. I love a day when a drive (or walk, or whatever) that you're used to suddenly seems full of new beauty. And what a gorgeous view! It's pancake flat where I live, and when I was in a slightly-mountainous part of Pennsylvania a couple summers ago, I was really taken with the whole mountain-vistas thing.