Friday, May 6, 2011


The Smiling Cat and my husband have a difficult relationship.  He's more of a dog person and doesn't want to like her on principle (but secretly does anyway).  She doesn't want to upset me by hanging out with him and potentially dissing the hand that feeds her.  So the Smiling Cat only hangs out with my husband when she's desperate or I'm not in the room.  Usually, she'll jump down from his chair just before I enter and will try to look all nonchalant cat-like as she breezes past.

But, we were gone on vacation for a week and apparently things got especially lonely and desperate because not only did she hang out with my husband, but she relaxed on him like he's one of her cushy cat beds.  She even let me come in the room, leave and get  the camera, and come back and take pictures.  Maybe I've been replaced?

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