Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Confession Time

Time to confess: the week of digital cold turkey?  It was a week at the beach.  How hard can it be to stay away from all those bright screens when the waves are crashing outside the door and the soft sand and warm sun are beckoning?  Not so hard at all.

I had to bring my cell phone with me due to some potential scheduling needs at work.  Since I barely use it except to talk to my husband who was with me and it's just a basic call and text model, it seemed fine for the digital cold turkey week.  My dad's wife texted to wish us a Happy Easter.  Somewhat unusual, but still in the cold turkey realm.

Then the storm from hell passed through our home area in the middle of the night along with its hail and tornadoes.  Our county has a Code Red warning system that calls when there's an emergency.  We had tornado warnings so my phone started ringing up a storm (so to speak).  I work for the local university that also calls for emergencies.  More phone calls.  In the middle of the night.  Glad the system works.  Glad there wasn't any damage at home.  But, sheesh, that made for a long night.  Apparently cold turkeys gobble.

1 comment:

  1. Ha, Ha! So much for Cold Turkey! At least you tried. Glad there wasn't any damage at home.
    We have been lucky so far, too. There was a lot of tree damage in Old Fort and Black Mtn last night (20-30 miles from here) but only sometimes heavy rain and some wind here.