Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Ridin' Around

Despite the gas prices, I like to ride around and see the scenery.  I think it may be genetic since everyone else in my family seems to do that too.  I had my husband totally lost when I first took him to my hometown because we'd go one way to get somewhere and take a different route back.  Then we went out to dinner with my dad and he did the same thing so my husband stopped being paranoid that I was just trying to confuse him so he couldn't escape on his own.

As part of the Lost Communities of Virginia project, we're working on a driving tour of Southside Virginia.  Yesterday, my husband and I went out to check the tour route so far.  It's tobacco country so there are lots of fields and farms and log structures.  Pretty back roads, wonderful patina-ed buildings with worn wood and rusted metal, red clay and freshly hayed fields, and nice views.  It was fun to find the occasional old store or gas station still open.  A nice afternoon of just ridin' around.    

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  1. Tell T2 that I know exactly how he feels. Walt did that to me when I moved to CT. Then we would go to the same place a third way and back a fourth! He said it was so I couldn't find my way back to NH.
    Sounds like a nice drive around VA.