Friday, June 10, 2011

Bird House for Rent

This morning I looked out at our birdhouse and saw a bird hanging on and looking in.  Maybe it's listed for rent in the Bird Times?  I've seen house sparrows and blue birds check it out.  I think a chickadee family was birthed in there, though I never saw them fly off.  The house has been empty for several weeks now.  This bird spent a considerable amount of time looking inside (I had time to go downstairs, get the camera, and take multiple photos).  Maybe she was trying to decide if it was worth the effort to clean up the previous nest?  The male kept coming over to look too, but they never went inside, just peeked in the door.

I had to pull out my bird book for identification of these two.  From the look and sound, I think they're tree swallows, although according to the book, their territory doesn't quite extend into Virginia.  Maybe they saw the Virginia is For Lovers ads and decided a trip was in order?

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