Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

With cherry tomatoes and sweet yellow peppers and pickling cukes all in their pots!  I thought I was too late to plant veggies this season, but I wandered through the garden center on a whim and found more choices than there usually are by the time I get there.  I planted them this weekend so we should start to reap the bounty in August.  I was more adventurous than usual and added peppers and cucumbers to go with the usual tomatoes and basil.  I keep fantasizing about a real garden because fresh produce is so much tastier than the stuff at the supermarket, but need to start that much earlier than June.  This year I'm sticking with the containers and a trip to the farmers' market downtown on Thursdays.

Isn't the basil beautiful? And it smells wonderful too!

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