Monday, June 27, 2011

Something Old

I spent my Saturday taking photographs for our local county quilt documentation day.  People are encouraged to bring their old quilts so that the makers and detailed information about the quilts (patterns, stitches per inch, age and types of fabrics, etc.) can be documented.  I'm not a quilter, but I appreciate the graphic patterns of the quilts, the workmanship and artistry, and the varied fabrics used to make these wonderful utilitarian pieces.   One of the quilts we documented on Saturday was from the mid to late 1800s.  Many of the fabrics were from the Civil War era and we even found some pieces of homespun fabric that is exactly what it says - it was woven in the home.  Though the women were making a utilitarian piece, their artistry and creativity comes out in the patterns, the ways they assembled the colors, and their quilting.  Certainly these quilts are treasures!

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  1. Very pretty. At first I thought you had made a pattern on your new "tea" paper. The background looks right.