Friday, July 22, 2011

Cat in a Hot Brick House

Hey. Smiling Cat here. It's hot. My peeps don't have air conditioning.  Now most of the time, that's just fine.  There's usually a nice mountain breeze coming in the window.  The air's not super humid.  The cool chirpy air comes in at night.  The house cools off.  My peeps close the windows and the shades during the day and it stays cool.  It's fine.  That just doesn't happen though when it's 80 degrees at night and the air is so thick and damp that it frizzes my fur.  So I'm hot.  I'm just laying around, stretched out anywhere I can catch a breeze from the fan just wishing for some cooler air.  I've even tried laying in my cat grass to cool off.  Didn't really work, the dish was too small.  Maybe I'll go see if I can get in the fridge.  Stay cool!


1 comment:

  1. Ha! Ha! I love it! She looks so disgruntled - sounds it too. Can't say as I blame her.
    It sure has been a hot humid summer. We have an A/C downstairs but not up. We have a whole house fan that we run after dark to draw cooler air through but when the outside isn't very cool it doesn't do much and doesn't do anything for the humidity.
    We are taking off for northern parts about 8/5. (Maybe it will be cooler). Going to Canandaigua NY for a steam, tractor, engine show then on to VT to visit some friends. Hope to get to NH in time for OHD. Haven't been to that for ages. Then to CT to visit friends and going to try to catch the huge flea market in Hillsville VA on the way home. Should be back by 9/6. Would like to catch you on the way or in NH but not sure at this time.