Monday, July 11, 2011

Perfection Strikes

I try to keep my perfectionism at bay.  Usually that's pretty easy to do because I know nothing is really perfect and trying to make something perfect wastes time and energy and can be a real self-esteem killer.  But sometimes, my head knows that my work doesn't meet my standards and isn't ready for prime time.  The little voice will keep repeating, "You can do better."  When that happens, I can either throw it in a drawer or I can make it ready for prime time.  We've all had those occasions when there's no choice but to throw your work in a drawer (or the circular file) and just start over.

Fortunately, this afternoon, I had an opportunity to improve my work.  I made a print called "Corner Window" for the ARTspace Original Print Exchange.  I haven't entered a print exchange before, or any other exhibit for that matter, and so am a little anxious about getting it right.  I kept reading the "3/4" clear margin required around print area" line in the guidelines and looking at my print.  While the print is the right size, the "clear margin" had ink in it because the ridges left from carving out the white space had collected the ink when I rolled it out on the print.  So, after trimming all 10 prints to size and scrutinizing them as I did it, I decided I really had to clean up the edges and reprint.  I've just finished printing 10 more and am much happier with the results.

1 comment:

  1. That looks really nice.
    You must get that "perfectionism" from me. I've torn out stitches in my cross stitch or back when I knitted and crocheted sometimes if I thought it would show and even sometimes when it was only me that knew the mistake was there.
    Frustrating but there is satisfaction in getting it right.