Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Back to School Blues

There's something about late August that always makes me melancholy.  I'm not going back to school, but I've never lost that back-to-school feeling.  Maybe it's because I spent half of my life in school.  Maybe it's because I work at a large university.  Maybe it's the advertising and store displays.  But I feel the ebb and flow of student life every spring and fall. 

There's the euphoria of May when the whole summer is at your fingertips, the birds are chirping, everything is green and jungly, and there are warm carefree days to look forward to with never-ending freedom.  Then August comes and the college students start arriving in town, the temperature cools a bit, the chirpy birds have been replaced by crickets, the green foliage is has browned some from the summer sun, and the shackles of school and work and fall start to wrap themselves around your ankles, pulling you back to reality.

Sigh. I'm not ready yet.

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