Monday, August 1, 2011


Most of my prints so far have been black ink on white paper.  That has a certain crispness to it, but I'm in the mood for some color and also find that a lot of the prints I like best have an element of color to them.   I messed around with some watercolor washes on several different types of paper and bought myself some colored ink last week.  Today, it was time to start experimenting. 

I used a simple flower design that I created in a class a few years ago that got me started on my current linoleum block printing phase.  As with most experiments, not everything went as planned.  The watercolor washes were generally too light for white ink.  (The white looks cool if I hold it up to the window since you see a shadow on the paper from the back lighting.)  I also hadn't planned to print the same thing in different colors on a single sheet of paper, but I'm waiting on the ink to dry now so that I can add another color to one of my experiments.  I learned a lot about the paper types, the colors I chose, and got some new ideas.  All in all, a successful experiment!   

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  1. Neat. And what I see there looks good especially the green one with 2 colors on it.