Friday, August 5, 2011

Goin' 'Round the Mountain

I joined 'Round the Mountain this week.  They're an organization in Southwest Virginia that is working with artists and craft venues to help develop the region as one well-known and respected for its hand-made objects, natural beauty, and quality of life.  I don't have an excuse for not joining earlier except that I had thought I needed a studio that was open to the public to do that.  Turns out that's only for artisan trail sites - I can be a member without an open studio.  The open studio is a later goal that requires some reorganization of space.  But I have time.  It'll be a couple of years before they reprint the brochures.

One of the incentives for joining 'Round the Mountain is the eligibility to be juried for the new Heartwood visitors' center, a beautiful building where all manner of hand-made objects are for sale.  I spent the day there a couple of weeks ago representing my county and was so inspired by the artisans and their beautiful works.  Today, I filled out the application to be juried as a printmaker.  I've got my fingers crossed that my application will be chosen and then that they'll accept my work during the jurying process in September.  It's my first jurying experience and will help to validate that I really am an artist and not just playing at it if I'm accepted.  No pressure!

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