Monday, August 29, 2011

Relief Printmaking Treasury

Found my baskets prints in a relief printmaking treasury today.  I've spent some time today photographing my prints with mats.  Unfortunately, it looks like I didn't have enough natural light towards the end, so I'll be spending some more time with the camera.  But I did get the prints in the treasury rephotographed and cropped properly so that they all show up in the thumbnail now!

'Relief printmaking!' by PieceOfYuko

Searched "relief" on printmaking category. I am about to start lino cut and these works motivate me a lot! Enjoy!

Lunch Break on the Pisc...

Fatter Fat Toad

Irish Elk - 2 Color Red...

Black and White Echidna...


Elephantus in Horto woo...


linocut hand pulled lim...

Pussy Willow Blues - Or...

Rue Anemone

Paranoia House

RV Woodcut

Set of 5 original black...

Tower Swirls - 8x10 rel...

Birds in the Bush

Old fashioned School Lu...

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