Friday, October 7, 2011

Missing a Beat

When I'm working at home, I love to listen to classical music.  Listening to the depth and variety of the music makes me more creative.  I don't have words distracting me, just the beauty of the woodwinds, the brass, the strings, the percussion.  Those combined sounds are thought-provoking and energizing to me.

I'm also a musician.  I've played the clarinet since I was introduced to it in my 4th grade music class.  I've played classical music, marches, Christmas carols, swing, and all types of music in between in school, college, and now in the local community band.  That may be one of the reasons I so appreciate classical music. 

I listen to our local NPR station, WVTF, during the day and know the daytime classical DJs personally - both are also in the local community band.  Today though, listening to the station is painful rather than energizing.  Seth Williamson, the host of Morning Classics, passed away this morning after surgery.  His voice, love of classical music, and way of poetically describing his surroundings and environment were something I had grown to enjoy in the mornings.  In the community band, he usually played the euphonium or one of its cousins, and was extremely accomplished.  I could always tell if he was there by the strength of the section.  He enjoyed exploring Southwest Virginia, looking for out of the way places and migrating birds, and then providing a short poetic synopsis on the radio.  He was a huge presence in the music world in Southwest Virginia and will be greatly missed.

Maybe its my imagination, but the classical music seems melancholy today, like we're missing a beat.  My heart goes out to his family, friends, fellow musicians, and co-workers at WVTF.     

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  1. You have written a very nice tribute to him.