Thursday, October 20, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I saw a beautiful rainbow this morning on my way home from an early meeting.  We had a rainy day yesterday with brisk winds that changed our weather from Indian summer to frosty fall, so the rainbow was symbolic of the end of the storm.  I tried, rather unsuccessfully to brighten just the rainbow, but didn't have much luck.  Just take my word for it that it goes to the left side of the photo.  Oh, and since I have to cross the mountains to get home and rainbow's end was in front of them, I guess I live somewhere over the rainbow.

And (yes, Mom) I probably shouldn't be taking photos while I'm driving, but I don't actually have to look at the camera or anything, just hold it up and snap.  I took some more of the leaves that have turned an autumn gold in our area. Snapshots through the windshield might become a theme on the blog...

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I would have fussed at you. They are pretty pictures though. The foliage has been pretty around here and up on the Parkway. Have to start raking leaves pretty soon.
    Went to Fletcher(across from the Asheville Airport this past weekend for an old engine/tractor show. Man was it cold there! The sun was warm but the wind and overnights were downright frigid. Had a good time though and Walt sold a few things.