Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy as a Bee

I've been busy the last week or so working on a couple of projects.  One is a book that my husband and I are working on, but I'll keep the suspense going on that until another time.  The other is getting items from my Etsy shop ready to sell at several galleries.  The Narrows Gift Shop and Art Gallery just down the street from me is having a "Potty Party" this week to celebrate the grand opening of, you guessed it, their new restroom!  That may not sound like a big deal, but for them it is.  It means that they'll finally be able to be open on weekends and in the evening because they won't be at the mercy of the local businesses if they drink too much coffee while on the job!  I brought them some of my Christmas cards and origami Christmas star ornaments to celebrate the season.

Even more exciting was that due to my membership in 'Round the Mountain, I was contacted by the Appalachian Arts Center to sell some of my basket prints and cards, and origami Christmas star ornaments there!  I spent most of my day yesterday getting my prints framed, cards printed and packaged, and folding scrapbooking paper to make new ornaments (please pardon the badly lit photo, there wasn't enough natural light today!).  Despite the rain today, I had a nice trip west to the Appalachian Arts Center and really enjoyed looking around at all the beautiful work they have for sale.  I'm honored to be selling my work there!

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  1. Actually, I thought the picture of your origami was quite pretty just the way it was. Nice that you are getting recognition for your artwork in various places. Must the very satisfying.
    We've been raking leaves like crazy lately. and as if we didn't have enough of our own, we helped the neighbors, Max and Mary, with theirs this morning. I think they have even more than we do.