Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Week of Travel

So much for trying to blog more in October.  Last week, and the entire month really, just flew by in a blur.  I've been traveling throughout the state for my book Lost Communities of Virginia.  Twice to Richmond in the last week in fact.  Once to the Virginia State Capitol to accept an award for our office (that's a photo from inside the rotunda below) and once to the PBS studios to tape a segment for the Virginia Currents TV show (in one take!) plus several other stops in between all with a head cold.

I guess I'm getting a little more used to the fame thing.  Instead of being worried about what I was going to say on television, I was more worried that my nose was red from my cold or that I would lose my voice again (I had started the morning croaking).  Gosh, I hope I'm not turning into a diva!

1 comment:

  1. LOL! I hope not too! You must be getting to be an old hand at this fame thing by now. Hope you get some allowance for mileage. Hope your cold gets better soon, too.