Friday, December 9, 2011

A Day In Need of Simple Pleasures

I don't mean to harp on Simple Pleasures Week at Epheriell Designs, but yesterday evening, I sure needed them to help return to some sense of normalcy.  An afternoon in lockdown will do that to you.

I went to graduate school at Virginia Tech. I live 30 miles from Virginia Tech. I work part-time at Virginia Tech. If you caught the news at all yesterday, I'm sure you saw that Virginia Tech was in the news. Again. For shootings. Again. This time, a police officer and, presumably, the shooter are dead. All of this happened about a mile from my office on the one day this week that I was in the office. So, you can imagine, I didn't get much done yesterday as we sat in lockdown, streaming the local TV station on our computers, and watching police cars drive by.

 Now you need to understand, that despite the reputation we seem to have on the national (and maybe international) news; despite the guy who escaped from custody, killed 2 officers when he escaped from them, and led them on a manhunt through Blacksburg in 2006; despite the largest campus massacre in US history in 2007; despite the foreign grad student who beheaded his girlfriend in a fast food restaurant on campus in 2009; and despite yesterday's events, I don't feel unsafe in Blacksburg or on the Virginia Tech campus. There's a small town atmosphere, very little crime, friendly people, beautiful surroundings, and no feeling that any of these crazy things would happen here. Yet they keep happening.

So after yesterday's afternoon of uncertainty as we sat in lockdown anxiously awaiting news that they had found the shooter and that it was safe to go home, all I felt like doing was coming home and indulging in numerous simple pleasures: a hot showera cup of tea, and reading a fluffy, feel good book, cozily tucked into my nice, warm bed with a fuzzy, purring cat at my side.

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  1. So glad you are okay. Things like that get too close for comfort. After that you deserve a few simple pleasures.