Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Simple Pleasures - Old Movies

I had been thinking about posting about The Bishop's Wife which we watched on Saturday, but it's Simple Pleasures Week over at Epheriell Designs and I realized that for me, old movies are a simple pleasure so why not join in the Simple Pleasures Week fun! 

{from True Classics}

I don't watch old movies year round, mostly during December and typically while I'm decorating the Christmas tree, making gifts for friends and relatives, wrapping presents, or baking cookies.  And I'm particular about the movies.  I prefer 1930s to early 1960s and nothing in the war or western genre.  Romantic comedies, musicals or movies with musical numbers, and anything with snow help bring on the holiday spirit.  Cary Grant, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the Rat Pack, Audrey Hepburn, Bing Crosby, Debbie Reynolds...the list could go on and on.

Why are these movies a simple pleasure?  The romance, the humor, but most likely the idealism.  Men and women wear hats and their best clothing to go out.  Anywhere.  There's a certain glamor to the well-coiffed hairdos, the smoothness of the makeup, and the perfect speech.  Despite the twists, turns, and misunderstandings of life, all is forgotten in the end when everyone is happily together.  Someone may break into song at any moment and dance their way through the scene.  And it always snows on Christmas Day.

{from Hancock NH Congregational Church}

I experienced many of the things these movies depict growing up as a child in New England, so watching the movies brings back memories of the simple pleasures of sleigh rides, ice skating, Christmas caroling house to house on a Christmas In Connecticut kind of Main Street, skiing, sledding, and window shopping on the snowy streets of town.  Old movies bring back a simpler time when Christmas wasn't about consumerism and the gifting expectations it brings, but about the one wonderful gift you found for each person on your list and the true joy on their faces as they opened those presents.  It was about family and friends, the magic of Santa Claus, love and laughter...

So if that holiday cynicism creeps up on you like it does on me, take time out for the simple pleasure of an old movie to get your romanticism and idealism back in check!


  1. Oh, I like it! I don't think I realized what a romantic you were.
    Some times the older times are definitely the better times. Things have gotten too commercial way before Christmas.
    It was fun caroling and snow shoeing. The snow was more fun when I was younger but I still like to see the snow on the mountain tops as long as I don't have to drive in it. Though I'm so in the habit of saying "ewwww" at the first flake.

  2. I also seem to mostly watch old movies around the Christmas season. Christmas time always makes me think of the past and all the times gone by. Being able to watch old movies and see how simple and pure it was back then is a real gift.