Monday, December 5, 2011

Take It From the Alpaca...

Have you started your holiday shopping?  Are you feeling good about it?  In an unusual turn of events for me, I have and I am.  We had fun shopping this weekend, and it wasn't because we were circling parking lots looking for a spot, any spot, to park; being jostled through the masses just to find that imperfect gift; or waiting in long lines to check out.  We drove over 100 miles on Saturday, but we met some very friendly alpacas and their owners, we shopped in the gas lights of the Amish store, we were entertained by musicians while we shopped among artisans at a huge old general store that only recently reopened after extensive restoration, we stopped by our local historical society for cider and cookies at their open house and shopped in their museum store, and finished off with dinner at a favorite locally-owned restaurant. 

We might have spent a little more than we would have at the chains, but we bought well-made, locally made, unique gifts, we know the families who owned the businesses, met some new friends, helped the local economy, and enjoyed our day.  What's not to like about that?  Even the alpacas were smiling!

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  1. That is so neat and sounds like a very fun day. It's difficult to buy American these days.
    Did you find anything that you would like for yourself that I might be able to get you? I need some ideas.
    Love that alpaca face. He does look cuddly.