Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Food: Amish Bread

I love homemade bread. I enjoy kneading the bread, smelling it baking, and buttering that first crusty end slice when it comes out of the oven. However, I usually don't have time for the entire make-it-from-scratch process, so I have a bread machine. I don't get the same satisfaction of kneading the bread, but it still smells and tastes homemade. I make a loaf of bread most weeks and haven't bought bread in a store in years.

Today's recipe is my own take on a recipe from a bread machine cookbook. You should be able to adapt it for the oven and for your own bread machine. For example, some machines may require more yeast and my bread machine suggests that the wet ingredients go in the pan first. If you have a bread machine, you know that sometimes the bread falls flat. This recipe is generally pretty reliable despite the fact that I use unbleached all-purpose flour instead of bread flour.

Amish Bread

9 oz warm water
1/4 cup olive oil
3 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
2 1/4 cups bread flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 1/2 tsp active dry yeast 

This makes a 1 1/2 pound loaf of bread.
The recipe calls for 3 1/4 cups bread flour. Rather than making white bread, I generally substitute up to 1 cup of whole wheat flour to give the bread more fiber.
Put it all in the bread machine pan, turn it on, and come back when it smells good!

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