Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Quilt For a Friend

A friend and co-worker lost her husband 2 years ago in February. Because she's an artist and quilter, another friend had the idea of making a friendship quilt to show her that we all love her, support her, and are there for her. We finally gave the quilt to her at a reception several weeks ago. 50 friends made squares for the quilt. Since not all of us knew how to quilt, the result is a wonderful combination of traditionally quilted squares, paintings, embroidery, cross stitch, drawings, and applique. The square I contributed was my first foray into ribbon embroidery

Despite all of the different colors and techniques, the blue borders bring the quilt together into a cohesive whole. Just as Maxine's friends from various areas of her life came together to create a single cocoon of love in her time of loss and need.

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