Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why the Cat's Not Smiling

Hi folks, Smiling Cat here. I've been feeling rather under the weather lately and it's been affecting my peeps too. They're keep trying to get me to eat, buying me new and different food they think I'll like. I've been wheezy for a while, but it seems to be getting worse, so they've been stroking me gently and looking at me with great worry in their eyes.

We've been to the vet (who they tell me is a nice young man who knows what he's doing, but I'm not impressed) and he confirmed my asthma has gotten worse. Since I established with my peeps last year that giving me any type of oral medication is out of the question, I got a shot of antibiotics last week and a shot of steroids this week for the asthma. I think it might have helped some, but I'm still feeling under the weather. I thought maybe it was the gray, rainy days we've been having, but the vet suggested a blood test on Monday to check for other things. I protested vehemently, but they got the needle in anyway.

The vet and my favorite peep spoke today and it turns out my mopiness is because my kidneys aren't working up to par. They're at 75% capacity right now so they've still got some oomph left in them, but I'm going to have to consider whether I'm willing to allow anyone to give me fluid therapy or if I'll just let them give out on their own. I'm 16 1/2 years old. I've had a good cushy indoor life with all the food and water I want, views to the outside world, fresh air, warm beds, and loving people. I can tell this is hard on my favorite peep - she keeps waking me up from my afternoon nap to pet me and look at me anxiously. I know she wishes she could make me feel better. But I'm an old lady. And I don't much feel like smiling today.

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