Saturday, February 4, 2012

RIP Smiling Cat

Oops!, a.k.a the Smiling Cat, passed away today at the age of 16 1/2 after a long and happy indoor cat life of sunbeams, cool summer breezes, cozy beds, and warm laps. She was born in New Hampshire and was discovered at the local Humane Society by two very loving people who gave her a wonderful home with lots of nooks and crannies to explore, and plenty of love, food, and sunlight. After 12 years, those people, her current peep's grandmother and great uncle, decided to move to a smaller home and Oops! moved 14 hours to Virginia with her new peeps in a pickup truck with the back filled with her toys and cat things.

While in Virginia, Oops! became the face of Smiling Cat Studio as the kitty always smiling in contentment because she was doing what she loved best. In the last several months, her health had declined, first with asthma and later with kidney disease. After a chat with her peeps, it was clear to all that Oops! was ready to move to her next home. She leaves her family in New Hampshire and family in Virginia to remember the joy, comfort, and love she gave them.


  1. That makes me about as sad as you. (sniff, sniff) She had a very good and long life.
    Got a kick out of her parting picture.

  2. Thank so much for loving and caring for this beautiful cat. May her journey onward be blessed with all the love you have given her over the years. - Raphaella