Thursday, April 12, 2012

My First Color Reduction Print 2

When last I blogged, I had printed the darker blue of the 2nd layer of mountains and admitted this wasn't going quite as planned! (If you didn't see Part 1 of this posting, make sure you check it out to see the results of the first 3 layers of ink.)

Here's where I started to vary from my original plan. This layer of mountains was to be a darker blue, but I was afraid if I did that then the greens wouldn't show through. So, I changed my mind and printed the lighter green first which is the color of the hill that the church is sitting on.

The darker green is the valley below the church. There should be another layer at this point that is the darker blue for another set of mountains, but I tried it and wasn't happy with the results on the prints I tried. The blue ended up being too dark and didn't contrast enough with the green so I printed 3 that way, then decided against the blue. Remember from the previous post that I only had one print that was lined up properly so I was a little panicked about messing it up with the blue.

This print is the final result of the one and only well-registered print. It feels like it's missing something without the extra layer of mountains. Next time I'll know better how to line things up and will do something different with regards to a feature like the windows. Because they were to be the darkest element of the whole print, I carried them through with each layer of ink. But, they were small and unforgiving elements that really show that the print is not registered properly.

Ultimately, I wasn't happy enough with the print to enter it in the Bel Paese exhibition, but I learned a lot and look forward to trying another color reduction print soon!

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