Sunday, May 6, 2012

Get Your Paint On: Week 3

For the third week of Get Your Paint On with Mati McDonough and Lisa Congdon, the assignment was to paint with COLOR! In particular, to choose 4 colors from objects in your life and mix paint to match them and use them in a painting. I had intentions of matching colors of some of my clothes, but because I was at the beach this week, I tried to match the colors I saw there instead.

  • Mixing paint to match colors is hard! I have only been using red, yellow, blue, black, and white paint for this class and have been mixing my paint anyway, but I haven't tried to match anything. It was really hard to get the sky, ocean, and sand colors right. What I have is much more saturated than the real thing. I got to the point that I wasn't sure what other color to add to get the color right. More practice is necessary!
  • Be careful when you add water to paint. I found that I tried to put a white wash on the sky that I ended up "erasing" some of the color from the background and was left with a yellow-ish shade. That was handy when I decided I didn't like the first umbrella shadow I painted, but caused me no end of grief and fussing with my painting in some spots.
  • Paintings sometimes paint themselves. I had drawn out what I was going to paint before I went on vacation. But as I was sitting on the deck, looking out at the beach, paintbrush in hand - I changed my mind and found myself painting water.
  • And a question: How do you know when you're done? I feel like I'm satisfied with my painting, but I'm not really sure it's done. Or how I know when I'm done.  I could probably keep messing with it, but it's Sunday afternoon and I'm okay with what I've got. But is it done?

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