Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Playing with the Super Moon

Our trip to the beach coincided with the Super Moon, and we totally forgot to bring the tripod. Do you know it is almost impossible to take a clear photograph with a long shutter speed without a tripod? My husband tried. There are a couple of photographs that came out okay, but most are fuzzy. I decided to just mess with the camera, using the moon as a light source.

I zoomed the lens focus in and out slowly while waiting for the shutter to close above and decided to just move the camera around below.

Moving the camera was so much fun that I wrote my husband's name with the moon.

How cool is that? The Super Moon was beautiful reflecting on the water, but didn't look any different to us than a regular full moon. We didn't get to see it rise because the horizon was cloudy. Maybe that's when it was at its largest.

1 comment:

  1. That is usually true even with a regular moon - that it is "biggest" just as it comes over the horizon. It can be magnificent. Not sure if I've seen a Super Moon or not - never knew when they occurred. Neat pics.