Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Daring Adventure in Collage

I mentioned in this week's Inspiration Monday post that the new book Daring Adventures in Paint had inspired me to make a collage. Chapter 2 has a really great quilt-like patchwork collage. I decided to try one of my own. I didn't really have great collaging materials on hand, but used leftover pieces of fabric, parts of unusable linoleum block prints I had made, one of my old business cards, Christmas scrapbooking paper that I usually use for origami, part of a postcard, and a little tuft of cotton smoke (I can just hear one of my old architecture professors grumbling about that). It's a little darker than I was going for and the house is floating in space, but I'm okay with it for a first try! And, who knows, I might mess with it some more!

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