Monday, July 9, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Andy Goldsworthy

My inspirational choice today is a departure from the normal prints and paintings that I show, but I've been feeling a bit trapped indoors by all the heat we've been having and thought I'd focus on some truly outdoor art. I first became aware of Andy Goldsworthy while in architecture school and I've been entranced by his work ever since. I love the way he uses natural elements to make beautiful impermanent sculptures.

Andy Goldsworthy

Many of his sculptures are architectural from arches to eggs. Without knowledge of architectural principles, ice and stones would never stand or stand as beautifully.

Andy Goldsworthy

By creating patterns and using similar colors and shapes, even sticks and leaves become art. All inspiration to look at natural objects that we might think of nuisances in our yards as potential elements of a new art piece.

Andy Goldsworthy
(All images are the works of Andy Goldsworthy. Visit Andy Goldsworthy's portfolio to see more of his work. Seach to find Andy's books with even more beautiful photographs. The works featured on Inspiration Monday are those that I enjoy and I have not been compensated in any way to include them on my blog.)

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