Monday, July 30, 2012

Inspiration Monday: People Too

I am a musician as well as an artist so when I came across one of People Too's Sheet Music pieces on Pinterest, I was enthralled! I love how he uses the lines, notes, and, really, everything on the page to create vignettes that are simply drawn, but yet quite complex. The more you look, the more amazing details you see.

Etude 6 by People Too

Here's another:

65. Etude by People Too

People Too creates other wonderful art and paper sculptures, but I'm just quite taken with the imagination, creativity, and playfulness of the sheet music so that's my inspiration for today. Their other work might be inspiration for another Monday!

Etude 81 by People Too

(Please note that the work in this post was originally incorrectly attributed to the work of Mike Lemanski. All images are the works of People Too. Visit People Too's website or their shop on Artflakes to see more of  their work or click on the links above. The works featured on Inspiration Monday are those that I enjoy and I have not been compensated in any way to include them on my blog.)

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