Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Dear Little Deer

I looked out the window the other day and saw a deer on the edge of my driveway! He perked right up and posed when I opened the screen to take a photograph of him.

While deer have become as ubiquitous as squirrels around here, they are unusual at our house. We live on busy Main Street, with houses all around. Several blocks away, the woods get thicker though and the deer do make an appearance now and then. My neighbor said she's seen them browsing under her apple tree, but we've only seen them when we've been up really early and can just make out their shapes in the just-lightening darkness of the backyard. In one of those early mornings, my husband saw a buck strolling down Main Street, looking like he was filming for an old Hartford Insurance commercial. But so close in daylight? Very unusual. Or so I thought. My husband said when he mowed, he could see where the deer had bedded down in the lawn. And our hostas have been eaten to nubs. Fortunately, I didn't plant those and so am not particularly attached to them. I might get more upset if other plants start disappearing!

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  1. Sweet picture. Even though we have developments around us we still live in the "boonies" compared to you. We have deer around fairly regularly.
    Our Mrs Bluebird finally gave up on her nest. No babies that we saw or heard. Bummer!