Monday, September 10, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Architectural Salvage

In our spare time, my husband and I are working on renovating our early 1900s house. We try to use period hardware, doors, windows, fixtures, trim, and whatever else we can in our renovation. Fortunately, most of the pieces are still in our house and just require stripping or sandblasting to get them back in shape to be reinstalled. Sometimes, though, we need to go to an architectural salvage store to get pieces or just look around and get ideas. This weekend, we had the pleasure of visiting Caravati's in Richmond, Virginia to search for a piece to attach one of the feet to our newly reclaimed claw foot tub. It's lots of fun looking through the store and being inspired by the craftsmanship of times past.

I'm inspired by the color and pattern of an old stained glass window and the intricacies of the cast iron swirls and curlicues in the porch below.

I loved the color of this Italian crystal chandelier, though we don't have a room for it. Architectural salvage is a reminder to take the time to craft things well and to give old, well-made things a good home rather than consign them to the trash and buy new.

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