Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Completion

Or maybe, since it's now Tuesday, I should title this "Inspirationless Monday." I've been having difficulty being inspired lately and I think it's due to the number of incomplete projects I have cluttering my head and my life. I see my incomplete house in the midst of renovation, that half-carved printing block, the unfinished baskets, the still packed boxes, the partially read business book. I think about that half-forgotten thesis, the almost-complete certificate program, the never-ending work projects. All of that clutter inhibits inspiration.

 The clutter of incompletions caused by a lack of motivation (sometimes it's just hard to get started on those things again, particularly if they are out of sight out of mind or if you've looked at them so many times they just become part of the landscape), boredom (sometimes I just get tired of the process or the next step in the process or decide it's just not worth the effort, but some part of me doesn't totally give up on the project), or fear (what if I mess up the entire project with the next step? what if it doesn't turn out as well as I hope it will? what if the project fails completely?)

I can be inhibited by the incompletions or I can celebrate and be inspired by the many projects I have completed. For all of our house that's unfinished, there's a lot that's finished too. I've made 23 roman shades. We've unpacked most of the boxes. I've got great new cabinets in my office organizing all my art supplies. I've published 4 books. I've finished lots of linocuts and baskets that I'm quite happy with. I learned to paint this spring and finished 5 paintings. I've completed a thesis. For all the never-ending work projects, I've completed many more.

In honor of the unofficial beginning of Fall, I am working to clear the clutter from my desk and my head. I finished the novel I'd been reading for too long. I am finishing the baskets that are sitting around. I am finishing a work project that's been hanging around too long. I'm going to complete that half-carved printing block. I'm celebrating the many things I have completed. I am inspired by completion and the promise and excitement that brings of new projects, new creativity.

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