Monday, October 15, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Donna Estabrooks

We came upon Donna Estabrooks' work at the Art and Soul Gallery in Ogunquit, Maine while we were on vacation recently. I enjoyed the bright colors, whimsical subjects, and words of inspiration.

"Listen to your inner kitten",
acrylic and spray paint on canvas
by Donna Estabrooks

Donna uses unexpected items as stencils for patterns that are spray painted on the canvas to add interest. You can see it on the chest of the larger cat and the dots in the background. Look for the same pattern in the painting below.

"Juicy", acrylic and spray paint on canvas
by Donna Estabrooks

Inspiration to try new things, broad strokes are wonderful, don't be afraid of color, and get back to my Daring Adventures in Paint book!

"My Love",
acrylic, collage, spray paint, silver leaf, and glitter on canvas
by Donna Estabrooks
(All images are the works of Donna Estabrooks. Visit Donna's website to see more of her work or click on the links above. The works featured on Inspiration Monday are those that I enjoy and I have not been compensated in any way to include them on my blog.)

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