Monday, October 8, 2012

Inspiration Monday: The Ocean (Part II)

I live in the mountains and I love the unpredictableness of the landscape. It is forever changing with the light, season, weather, time of day...the scene is never the same. But as much as I love the mountains, I love the ocean even more. The smells, the sounds, the salt air, the large expanses of beach, the opportunity to just sit and watch the ever-changing surf. We went to North Myrtle Beach this spring and it was my inspiration that week - I even painted the scene for the Get Your Paint On class I was taking at the time. And while Myrtle Beach is fine, it meets all the criteria for a wonderful visit, it's well, a little boring.

I grew up going to the beach in Maine where there are rocks for the waves to crash over and the ocean seems to be a bit rougher. We spent the last weekend of September in Maine. It rained most of the time while we were there so we didn't to see the full moon on the water or a sunrise, but the power of the high tide enhanced by the storm and the moon's phase was beautiful, as was the stormy gray color pallet.

The power of the ocean and nature draws you to the shore. The salt air is filled with spray. The sound of the waves crashing is louder. The danger and beauty of the sea is much more apparent.

Rather than just sand and shells, there are boulders, stones, seaweed, and creatures in the tidal pools. The sound of stones ebbing and flowing with the tide is peaceful, yet powerful.

The Maine ocean is most always accessible and not hidden behind a row of high-rise hotels. There are plenty of opportunities to be inspired and scenes to paint. I can't wait to go back.

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