Monday, November 12, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Zentangles

I've come a little late to the Zentangle craze. And, frankly, if it weren't for Pinterest, I probably wouldn't even know what it was. I've long been inspired by good doodlers and great graffiti. There's something about the free form nature of those drawings and how quickly and easily they are created that appeals to me. I had seen Zentangles and admired them as well, I just didn't have a name for them until recently. I didn't really know where to begin, but decided to purchase the One Zentangle A Day book by Beckah Krahula to learn more.

The book teaches several patterns each day that are then used with other learned patterns to create that day's Zentangle tile. The process gets you quickly into "the zone" because the patterns are repetitive and require a careful hand to keep lines spaced evenly. The idea is that you take the patterns and let them dictate your final 3.5" x 3.5" tiles. The tiles are small enough that they can be easily finished in one sitting so you also get a sense of completion upon finishing them.

There's a whole regimen to this that I am not following. I haven't orded official Zentangle paper. I'm not using the exact pens they recommend. I'm not following the 11-Step Zentangle Process. What I am doing is enjoying learning each of the patterns and using them to create my own pieces of art line by line. It does help me to slow down and think about each line I am drawing which will, in turn, improve my drawing skills. The more detailed tiles are inspiring and the patterns are likely to show up elsewhere in my work.

Starry Night Zentangle by Carol TenBrook

(The works featured on Inspiration Monday are those that I enjoy and I have not been compensated in any way to include them on my blog.)

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