Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reviving Normal

It's been a long year. A year of dealing with family illness. A year of not really knowing what to do or where to be. A year of being on edge, waiting for that phone call. A year of not being able to make any real plans. A year of separation while my husband spent much of his time away from home as a caregiver. It's been a long year.

That year has ended, as we knew it would, and we begin the process of healing and getting our lives back in order. Fitting that it is Spring, a time when all life changes perceptibly with warmer weather, flowering plants, leafing trees, chirping birds, longer days. It's a perfect time to get back to projects long idle and learn something new.

For me, that means:
  1. Getting my Etsy shops back in order. My vintage shop had been doing pretty well, but has been neglected over the last month. My art shop, on the other hand, is badly in need of a revamp. And a revamp means that I need to be...
  2. Getting creative. I haven't taken the time to be creative lately and I can feel it. It effects my mood and how I feel about myself. It means I'm not getting any better at my craft. It also means I don't have anything new to offer the shops that carry my work, so that part of my income stream stagnates.
  3. Learning something new. I can't wait until the end of April when the Daring Adventures in Paint e-course begins! I bought the book last summer and made one collage. It was great fun, but right about now I need the motivation that a course provides. Last year's Get Your Paint On class was another great motivator and I look forward to the same sort of rush that class provided!
  4. Traveling. We've neglected ourselves over the past year and we've spent entirely too much time indoors. We've got several trips planned that will be cover both familiar and unfamiliar territory to give us a mix of old and new experiences. It'll be good just to get away.
  5. Exercising. Did I mention we'd neglected ourselves and spent a lot of time indoors? The winter didn't help - it seemed exceptionally cold, windy, and dreary. I look forward to daily walks to clear the head and provide inspiration (and tone the bod!). 
It'll take a bit to revive normal, but we'll get there. 


  1. Sending you lots of good wishes as you move into this new phase of life.