Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Daring Adventures in Paint: Red

I took the Get Your Paint On on-line class last spring with Lisa Congdon and Mati Rose McDonough and I loved it! I enjoyed painting with acrylics and learning to let go rather than be so literal with art. I've followed both of them ever since and was thrilled when Mati's book, Daring Adventures in Paint, came out last summer. I was even more excited when she announced her class this Spring!

Class started last Monday with the first assignment being lush backgrounds. Part of the first assignment was a treasure hunt for at least 10 things that are RED. I was away on vacation last week and so tried to find red things during my trip - not an easy feat when Spring hasn't quite sprung yet in New England! My finds came from hikes in the woods, an antique shop, and a trip to Old Sturbridge Village. Enjoy!

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