Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Daring Adventures in Paint: Week 2

I started the Daring Adventures in Paint class 2 weeks ago. Where are Week 1's adventures, you ask? Why they're hidden under Week 2! We have been working on lush backgrounds. My Week 1 background, painted in a hotel room, wasn't quite as lush as it could have been.

That all changed once I got home! We were encouraged to use tools like a brayer, sandpaper, spatulas, etc. to apply the paint. I did that and my Week 1 background became this:

Now that's much more daring! I made 2 more backgrounds. The first has a cool background and warm foreground. I used a linoleum block carving of a flower in the background and my new letterpress letter set to add letters. I applied color with a paint brush, my fingers, and a seam roller. I rather like the color and effect.

The third background has a warm orange background and cooler blue in the foreground. I used paint brushes, the seam roller, and an adhesive spatula to apply the background paint then used the end of a plastic lead refill container to create the diamond shapes. 

Week 3 is collage so it will be interesting to see where my backgrounds go from here. Stay tuned!

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